Movement (WASD) Edit

MSS uses the standard WASD keys for moving forward, left, right and back, respectively.

Resources (Mouse Buttons) Edit

The player can drop or hand resources to customers using the mouse right-click. The player can manually move dropped resources around using the mouse left-click.

Context-sensitive Interactions (E) Edit

The E key allows the player to interact with the environment, for example:

  1. Entering your house
  2. Gathering plants, rocks and other materials from the yard in front of your house
  3. Talking to customers

Primary menus Edit

Warehouse + General Menus, aka Merchant Book (T) Edit

The T key opens your Warehouse, which is where you'll retrieve items from storage in order to move them into your personal inventory. Items must be in your personal inventory in order to use them for crafting, selling, or consuming.

Crafting & Using (Tab) Edit

The Tab key opens your crafting window. This window is used to make new items out of the raw materials that you're holding in your personal inventory.